Meet the Team: Garreth Wagg, Osteopath

By Krista Harris | 29 July 2022
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Get to know Garreth Wagg, Osteopath at Instinct Gym & Wellbeing under the Enigma Wellness offer…

From a young age I’ve been involved in sport, playing football, cricket, swimming and rugby. It’s in my nature to be really excited about exercise, nutrition and health, which inspired me to complete my Masters degree in Osteopathy at Leeds Beckett University from 2011 – 2015!

Since then, I have worked in Cheshire in private practice to provide musculoskeletal treatments to patients of all backgrounds. Following further studying, I am also able to provide Cranial Sacral Therapy for both babies and adults, Dry Needling, Sports Taping and Equine/Canine Osteopathy treatments.

I wanted to combine my interest in biology, sports and healthcare, and liked the difference   offers with some of the stronger spinal treatments we do.

I feel what makes me stand out is taking the extra time with patients to explain and make sure patients understand their diagnosis and at home stretches/exercises. I love teaching people things they might not know about their health.

What do you actually do in your clinic? What’s the goal?

As Osteopaths, we treat people looking to resolve sports injuries, ageing pains and to maintain good range of movement and flexibility. No one wants to feel like they are being held back with their muscles and joints. Our aim is to treat people to improve their conditions, mobility and quality of life. We aim to diagnose and successfully treat minor to very complex debilitating neural, muscular and
spinal conditions.

If you see me about in my blue medical scrubs don’t hesitate to say hi!


Why do you do what you do?

I love the rewarding feeling that I have been able to improve people’s lives. I love teaching and problem solving which is essential in treatment sessions, I could see myself being a medical lecturer one day.

A little bit about your personal life…

I spend lots of my free time weight training in the gym. My wife also works within the healthcare industry and has trained as a Clinical Embryologist performing IVF treatments for women.

We love to travel and enjoy experiencing different countries and cultures.


To book an appointment with Garreth, call 07915524400 or for more information, click here.

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