Osteopathy is a form of physical therapy with a holistic approach. Holistic treatment provides treatment to multiple regions to improve the pain, pressure and tension in a particular problematic area using massage and spinal manipulations, combined with exercise rehabilitation.

Osteopaths are Allied Health Professionals that often work in multidisciplinary clinics with the ability to diagnose a wide range of conditions from people of all ages/backgrounds. Not limited to treating spinal pain, Osteopaths can improve pain from sports injuries, arthritic pains, headaches, circulatory and digestive issues. Using a range of treatment techniques which involve massage, stretching, muscular energy techniques, articulations, joint mobilisations, and spinal manipulations to promote range of movement and improve the body’s overall health.

Garreth graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2015 with a Masters in Osteopathy and has since worked in Cheshire in private practice to provide musculoskeletal treatments to patients of all backgrounds. Garreth has a particular interest in sport, nutrition, and exercise rehabilitation for long term musculoskeletal health plans. Following further studying, Garreth is also able to provide Cranial Sacral Therapy for babies/adults, Dry Needling, Sports Taping and Equine/Canine Osteopathy treatments.

Cranial Sacral Therapy – using the body’s ability to recover its natural primary cranial rhythm of the bones of the skull; to bring health to the whole of the body through vascular and spinal fluid balance.

Dry Needling – benefits a wide variety chronic muscular pain.

Kinesiology / Sports Taping – benefits musculoskeletal and sports injuries as well as inflammatory and postural conditions.

Equine/Canine Osteopathy – using massage, joint articulation, and spinal manipulation to improve pain, performance, and range of movement.

To book an appointment with Garreth, call 07915524400 or garrethwagg@gmail.com for more information, visit GarrethWaggOsteopathy.co.uk

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