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A non-contact cardio workout based on boxing principles, focusing on fitness, agility and power. This body conditioning session will not only help you tone but will improve your stamina and boxing skills at the same time.


High intensity interval training (HIIT) for the masses. Seriously addictive, these feel-good classes include bursts of cardio and strengthening exercises with periods of rest to

boost your metabolism, strength and stamina.


Train like and athlete. Method will develop your balance, core stability and body strength whilst boosting your cardio-vascular fitness with whole body functional movements.

Our Train classes are a mixture of high intensity, fast paced, strengthening workouts aimed to get your heart pumping, blood flowing and muscle building.

Enjoy a high intensity HIIT session with Burn, train like an athlete with Method, or have a more activity-themed session with Box. Whatever your interests, with Train there is something for everyone.

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Invest in what counts. You. At Instinct, we’re here for you, to make the most of your health and fitness. Here’s to motivation, to taking control, to living your best life.

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