Semi-Private Personal Training

Let’s do this. Together.

Get the best of both worlds with our semi-private personal training. Work towards your own health and fitness goals with an experienced coach, whilst training with other like-minded people to enhance your workout, bringing energy, support and a unique team spirit.

Semi-private personal training means you’ll be working out with up to three other people to one Instinct coach. Your group will be following a tailored programme, while your coach will personalise your work out to your specific individual goals. Feel in tune with your body as you strive to enhance your fitness together.

We’ve been developing our method for over 7 years. We’ve seen it work for hundreds of clients – not only to get the results they want – but maintain them there after.

Real people, real results…

  • The semi-private personal training sessions really work for me, the Instinct team are so supportive and tailor sessions to my fitness level and push me to work that little bit harder each time. The sessions have helped me to achieve my personal goals; to maintain muscle strength and tone. Through improving my fitness with strength training sessions, my mood and motivation has really improved too!


  • The SPPT classes tailored to my requirements, but done with a couple of other gym goers for sociability and fun, the team are top class! I have seen good results physically with my statistics improving nicely and I’ve really noticed my improved mental well being through going regularly and being supported by such a good training team and the other gym members.

    Ben SPPT

  • Instinct has always made me feel welcomed and supported. The semi-private personal training sessions have motivated, pushed and challenged me – helping me to become the strongest and healthiest version of myself!


How it works…

We conduct our programming over 12 weeks. Our coaches tailor sessions to a wide variety of training experiences. If we have clients with injuries, we adapt the program to not only help rehabilitate the injury but still take a step in the right direction to achievable goals. 

Every single person is unique – in terms of strength, weaknesses, experience in training, injuries and goals. SPPT sessions allow us to take these areas into account and work with them and you to feel fitter and leaner over a 12 week window.

You can still get the same high quality coaching for less, with the added motivation, focus and fun of a class dynamic with SPPT.

A group of like minded individuals getting together with a common goal creates a camaraderie with our coaches and adds to the quality of the sessions. With SPPT you get the best of both worlds and the foundation our core programme is built upon.

Our gym is set up for it.

Our team is trained for it.

This is what we do best.

Client Case Study.

“Semi-private personal training has changed my way of training, instead of going to the gym for 2 hours and not being sure if I am doing the right workouts for my goals, the Instinct team take me through a full-body strength session in 50 minutes. I always feel like I have worked hard after each session and the coaches track my progress, showing I have consistently hit new personal best scores in both strength and cardio tests.

“Despite having a hernia operation, the coaches have helped my recovery and got me back doing exercises I never thought I’d be able to do again. Everyone in the sessions is so friendly and we always have a good laugh with each other, and the coaches whilst training.

“In terms of my physical progress, I am the fittest I have been in years which is confirmed by my InBody results which show a reduction in body fat percentage and increased muscle mass. In turn, I feel the best I have felt in years. If you are thinking about joining Instinct, you won’t be disappointed.”


Semi-Private Personal Training

From £148 per month. We can tailor your membership, choose to include more sessions or add fitness classes to suit you.

Interested in Semi-Private Personal Training but want to try everything on offer at Instinct? Kickstart your fitness journey today

You will receive:

  • Initial Consultation with your trainer and  body composition assessment
  • Nutrition Consultation
  • 1-2-1 Personal Training session
  • 8 Semi-Private Personal Training sessions
  • 8 Classes from Spin, Yoga and Pilates to Box, Burn and Method
  • Accountability

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