Ride hard.
Feel alive.

Our 2-wheeled solution to get your heart pumping in our purpose-built RIDE studio.

A totally sensorial experience, our state-of-the-art studio includes the latest in spin technology, cinematic screen, with bespoke light and sound equipment to add excitement into your exercise.

Ride hard. Feel alive.

Feel the beat, feel the burn and get your heart pumping in our two-wheeled workout combining the best music imaginable with the highest levels of endorphins possible.

Escape reality for 45 minutes, on our market leading Stages spin bikes in our state-of-the-art studio, with a cinematic screen and bespoke light and sound equipment.

Our legendary instructors will guide you through your workout and help you to unlock your full potential, improving your fitness on, and off, the bike.



Perform is the ultimate cycling class for the experienced rider, providing a workout to help you work harder and faster in the saddle.


Feel the rhythm, feel the ride. Push your muscles and free your mind to unlock your inner cyclist in an energetic and fun environment and make you feel alive!


If you’re a keen spinner, Perform is the class for you. Test your pedalling prowess across programmes which include intervals of endurance, sprinting and climbing. Our instructors will push you to reach your goals to improve your fitness on, and off, the bike whilst assisting you in charting your performance and tracking your performance.

Perform uses Stages cutting-edge live visual data to improve the power you can generate. See measured results as you work to your maximal training level and receive performance feedback directly to your phone minutes after the session.

We use your FTP score (Functional Threshold Power) which is the average amount of watts, or power, that a rider can sustain in an hour. This recording acts as a great measure of one’s fitness.

FTP guarantees an accurate cycling experience by ensuring you are working at your appropriate training intensity and providing maximal fitness gains. 

Click here to learn more about your FTP score…


Switch off. Just Ride. Tempo cardio intervals with climbs and sprint surges. Lose yourself in the music.

Ride with the music in our Pulse class, which blends cycling with strength and conditioning with the ultimate cardio workout in a vibrant and fun environment. Whether you’re training for Tour de France or you have never sat on a bike before, Pulse is for you. A high energy disco with added fat-burn and fitness results… sounds good, right?

“This class brings insights and programming from the boutique cycle scene of London up North. We put the beat of the music first. Choreography is inter-twinned with hills and sprints. It is full of personality. The high-energy instruction of epic moves and precise beat timings will disguise a maximum calorie burn. It’s all about feeling an amazing collective energy in the studio. Metrics aside, vibes first. It is an experience that you need to come and feel for yourself.” – Jamie, PULSE instructor.

Leave feeling euphoric and uplifted.

Feel the rhythm, feel the ride. Push your muscles and free your mind to unlock your inner cyclist in an energetic and fun environment to make you feel alive!



Real people, real results…

  • I had never been to a gym before and was feeling  nervous and self conscious before a came to Instinct. Everyone made me feel welcome and encouraged me. Currently just started Ride classes, which I never thought I’d be able to do.

    Sam S

  • I absolutely love Instinct’s RIDE classes.  The spin teachers are fantastic, they are knowledgeable, they make the classes fun, varied and hard work (if you want them to be!). I actually can’t get enough and attend 3-4 spin classes every week, around the other workouts that I do. Despite the fact that I only attend Instinct for the RIDE sessions, I do feel part of the Instinct family, as I am always made to feel so welcome! 


  • Excellent instructors and the facilities (including the metrics display are first class). The additional email support for any initial questions also excellent. The class itself is perfect and it’s also good to get an email with your performance in Ride date. All in all extremely good.


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