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Instinct 6

INSTINCT/6 uses the latest evidence based weight loss, exercise and lifestyle principles plus support from our expert team, to provide you with the best possible programme to help you succeed.

What is Included?

  • Personalised Training or Group Training
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Health & Fitness Advice
  • Habit and Progress Tracking
  • Open Gym Programme
  • Accountability & Weekly Check-ins
  • Support Network and Group Activities

The next challenge…

Begins 20.02.23

Come along to our launch evening to find out more 08.02.23

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/6 Pillars to success.

Our trainers will guide you to change your habits and our unique progress tracking system and weekly check-ins will ensure you stay on course mentally and physically throughout the 6 weeks. The new habits that you learn will stay with you, keeping you leaner and fitter for life.





NEAT Activity

NEAT Activity







Community & Support

We do better when we have support and a network of like-minded people going through the same programme. You will have access to and participate in WhatsApp groups, a private Facebook group and group workouts and hikes to get together, share wins, frustrations and get expert advice from our trainers.

Package Pricing


  1. 6 x Semi-Private Personal Training Sessions (1 per week)
  2. 12 x Fitness Classes (2 per week)
  3. Complete Instinct/6 package and support


  1. 12 x Fitness Classes (2 per week)
  2. Complete Instinct/6 package and support

60 people in Tarporley have seen great results from INSTINCT/6…

0.5 Stone

Weight lost on average
during our last challenge


Lost collectively during the last challenge,
that’s the weight of a Panda Bear!

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Instinct 6

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