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Kickstart your weight loss and fitness journey with an intensive 30-day programme with guaranteed results.

Our coaches will meet you where you are at, and help you progress to where you want to be, so that you can achieve your best result possible.

If you want to make a difference to your health and fitness, we have the answer. You will receive complete fitness support, nutritional advice, and monitoring.

During your Kickstart, you will be given full access to all classes and personal training options Instinct has to offer over the 30-day period…

You will receive:

  • Initial Consultation with your trainer and  body composition assessment
  • Nutrition Consultation
  • 1-2-1 Personal Training session
  • 8 Semi-Private Personal Training sessions
  • 12 Classes from Spin, Yoga and Pilates to Box, Burn and Method
  • Accountability

What our clients are saying…

  • I began several weeks ago and with the mentoring and encouragement, I have lost 4kg. So, at 65 years-old, I am back to my weight when I was age 40. Thank you to everyone Instinct – you are a great team and you really do make a difference. – Mark

    - Mark

  • Since I joined Instinct several years ago, it has become a real part of my life. I look forward to all the classes and have benefited from the encouragement of all the staff here. As a 66 year old woman I have found the gym has helped me improve my health and increased my fitness level. From yoga to boxing, there is something for everyone! – Lindsay

    - Lindsay

  • I really enjoyed my Kickstart, it gave me the chance to try all the different sessions Instinct offers (l love them all). The Kickstart really motivated me to review both my exercise and diet. I felt so much fitter and better about myself at the end and lost a stone in weight. I cannot thank the Instinct team enough; they are all brilliant at what they do. I actually really enjoy going to the gym, which is not something I ever thought I would say! Thank you team Instinct. – Anji

    - Anji

Achieve your best result possible.

You will begin your journey with a biometric body scan and a private consultation with your coach in which you will analyse your scan and discuss your personal goals in order to create a programme to progress you to reach those goals.

You will then have a 1-2-1 personal training session in which you and your coach will identify where you are with your fitness in order to create a personalised fitness plan, tailored to your ability and goals.

Please arrive in suitable clothing to train, as this will usually take place straight after your consultation. But don’t worry, we will not push you past a level that you are not comfortable with.


What our clients are saying…

  • At the start of my kickstart I had an InBody scan which confirmed what I knew already – that I was carrying too much fat and not enough muscle. I wanted to become fitter and improve my core and arm strength. When I finish a session I know I’ve worked hard, so for me, Instinct provides everything I want. My fitness has improved significantly in literally a few moths. I am over the moon.

    - Julian

  • After completing the Kickstart, I had my 1 month gym assessment and I have lost 2kg, dropped 5% body fat and have a 1.5% increase in muscle mass. I am going to be cycling the coast of Britain next May to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK, so improving my fitness is really important. It just goes to show what you can achieve.

    - Gareth

  • Believe me, joining a gym as a middle aged, overweight lady could be scary, but I was made to feel so welcome and there was no judgement. You are only ever competing with yourself to work that little bit harder. Thanks to Instinct, I am starting to feel happy with the body I am in

    - Sarah


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