Breathe in and tone up with this fitness yoga that will help you build strength and leave you feeling more flexible, relaxed and energetic.


Feel stronger, stretch out stiff muscles, improve posture and core stability with this focused class for every ‘body’.

men on mats

A male specific mobility, pilates and yoga fusion. This class is an all round, head to toe workout, to strengthen your core whilst working on flexibility and posture. This class will help to improve sports performance as well as your progression in the gym.


Combining the best of both pilates and yoga, and functional stretch, Purestretch is designed to help improve mobility and flexibility. This class is suitable for anyone that wants to feel less stiff, reduce aches and pains whilst giving you time to breathe, relax and energise.

Pilates intermediate

Pilates Intermediate takes Pilates to the next level. Challenge yourself, but remember, the instructor will always provide modifications for exercises, so that you can push yourself in a safe space.

Physio-led pilates

Chelsea Dos Santos specialises in physio-led Pilates, breaking down the repertoire into clearly defined levels to ensure a gradual progression, allowing you to embrace Pilates regardless of your fitness level and to fully understand the essence of movement.

Yoga fit

Boost your physical and mental wellbeing with Yoga Fit, traditional Yoga with an energetic twist. Focus on strength, flexibility, breathing and have some time out with this class led by Claire Lincoln. 

Gentle somatic yoga

The class provides the student with an opportunity to improve their general well being by relaxing & cleansing the mind & body. The combination of physical work for the body & the technique of Meditating on the Natural Breath (Prana Samyama) provides the body with a feeling of deep relaxation. The mind is cleansed, energy levels restored & stress and anxiety levels reduced. The work is gentle, low impact & suitable for beginners.

Take some time for yourself.

Our Flow classes combine the best of both yoga and pilates techniques to build tone, enhance balance and build core strength.

Whether you are just starting out and exploring the benefits of Flow movements, wanting to improve posture and mobility, or you’re a seasoned yoga pro, our expert trainers work with you to achieve the best results.

Feel stronger, more flexible, relaxed and energetic in our secluded training studio.

Real people, real results…

  • Since participating regularly in Yoga and Pilates classes at Instinct I have noticed a vast improvement in my core strength, posture and general feeling of well being. It has been a game changer in my life. I am more flexible, my balance has improved and my confidence to participate in other sporting activity. It has made a vast difference to my everyday life. I would recommend everyone to enjoy these amazing classes.


  • Before I joined Instinct and started doing Pilates and Yoga, I couldn’t touch my toes and had severe back pain but with the help of the classes I am the most supple and mobile I have ever been and I don’t have any aches or pains anymore. As a man it can be quite daunting to go to Pilates and Yoga classes, but all the instructors made me feel at ease, they are fantastic. 


  • I lost 1 stone with Instinct/6! The advice and support is outstanding. Massive thank you team. You’re the best!


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Invest in what counts. You. At Instinct, we’re here for you, to make the most of your health and fitness. Here’s to motivation, to taking control, to living your best life.

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