What is your FTP score?

By Krista Harris | 26 January 2022
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By Sam Rigg

You may have heard the term ‘FTP’ floating around recently, and you may be wondering what it means and if you have one…

What is FTP?

FTP stands for Functional Threshold Power. 

Simply put, FTP is the average amount of watts (power) that a rider can sustain in an hour. This recording acts as a great measure of one’s fitness and is commonly used in the cycling world from beginners all the way up to the professionals.

Why use FTP?

Knowing your FTP is a very useful tool, as it provides a way for individuals to track their current fitness state and progression over time. An accurate FTP allows a cyclist to work in appropriate training intensities/zones. This is vital for training, to ensure that it will be hard enough to challenge you while remaining sustainable over time, therefore getting the most out of every session. Hence why we use it within our state of the art facility here at instinct, through our interactive stages indoor cycling system. 

We use FTP in every session, as it guarantees an accurate cycling experience by ensuring that you are working at ‘your’ appropriate training intensity (orange, red, purple etc). Each person’s FTP is linked to their account, all you have to do is get on and ride, therefore, not only providing maximal fitness gains, but also a seamless way in doing so. 

Is FTP suitable for me?

The great thing is, FTP is suitable for absolutely everyone and anyone, no matter the age, gender or capability, because it is relative to you. Each individual’s score may be different, as it measures the average power ‘you’ can sustain. That is why it is used at every level within the cycling and fitness industry. 

Find out your FTP!

Our amazing cycling instructors are providing you the chance to find out your FTP!

This will be incorporated within the regular ride schedule. The test is only 5 minutes long and will be integrated within a normal 40 minute session. Therefore, you can find out your FTP as well as getting a great workout in.

This will take place from Monday the 31st January – Saturday 5th February.

Let’s RIDE…

So, whether you’ve never tried our class before, or you’re a regular, this is a great opportunity to understand what your FTP is and how to use it to your advantage!

The Professionals

Ben Wolfe, FTP = 490w

Magnus Back, FTP = 486w

Matheui Van Der Poel, FTP = 485w

Kriten Faulkner, FTP = 323w

Teniel Campbell, FTP = 317w

Evelyn Stevens, FTP = 305w

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