Meet the Trainer: Jesse, RIDE instructor

By Krista Harris | 5 January 2024
2 Minute Read

Get to know Jesse, who will be taking RIDE PULSE every Monday at 9AM from 8th January. Are you ready to RIDE?

You’ll always find me doing something, whether it’s walking, in the gym or working on my next big idea. I love to be active and productive, my brain never stops turning when it comes to new challenges or ideas.

I’ve been dreaming of becoming a spin instructor for years! I used to work at a popular spin studio in London for nearly four years whilst running my own freelance business alongside it. Being around such lively and confident people was intoxicating, and I always aimed to inspire at least one person to feel that same way.

I’m excited to show my confident side and share a different aspect of my personality. For me, spin is all about the music, energy and getting a performance-based workout on a bike! 

Something that drives me is when my inner voice says “I can’t,” I am motivated to prove it wrong.

Favourite exercise:

I would have to say wall balls!

It’s something I couldn’t do when I first joined Instinct, but it’s now something that I’m getting better at each time I practise. There’s nothing like the feeling of progress!

Least favourite exercise?

Hamstring sliders

It’s not the most enjoyable, but I still try to get it done without too much complaining!

Quote to live by:

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

Favourite treat:

If we’re talking about food, it’s got to be nachos. If it’s something to spark joy, I’m booking a staycation!

Catch Jesse at 9AM every Monday in the RIDE studio for a PULSE session. Available on pay-as-you-go or as part of a membership. Book via the Instinct App or click here to book online.

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