Meet The Team: Amy Ord, Yoga Instructor

By Krista Harris | 21 March 2023
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Meet Amy Ord, the newest member of our Flow team! Amy teaches Yoga at 2PM every Thursday, perfect for a lunch break or a pre-school pick up moment for yourself. 

I’m Amy. I’m back in my hometown of Tarporley following stints in Sydney Australia, London and York. I now live in Hoole, Chester with my small family. I love to cook, run, and, of course, teach and practice yoga!

As a new(ish) mama, I try to live gently in a busy world – complete with cold cups of tea and messy buns.
Here are three fun facts about me:
1. I have an insatiable sweet tooth – pudding for starter, pudding for main, pudding for pudding, cheeseboard.
2. When I was younger, I wanted to be a horse jockey, despite having limited riding experience and being highly allergic to horses.
3. I’m hypermobile in my knees, wrists and ankles but extremely inflexible in my hamstrings and hips – makes yoga interesting!

And here are three small things that make me happy:
1. Sunshine
2. The ocean
3. My two-year old little girl, Ivy James. She inspires me daily to remember what is important in life – fresh air, physical affection, a good nap and an extreme dedication to food.

Why did you decide to become a Instructor?

I have been practicing yoga on and off since my teenage years, but it wasn’t until my early 20s when an episode of anxiety and depression meant I found its true meanings and benefits.

I began to bring the foundations of the practice into my daily life which had a transformative affect – influencing my outlook and my way of thinking. I am so grateful for this humbling process and decided I wanted to help others find balance in their lives and reconnect with themselves the way I have done.

Since becoming a new mum two years ago, I have discovered yoga on an even deeper level. I truly believe yoga has allowed me to fully appreciate all the little moments in between the big ones that the life-changing experience of parenthood delivers.

What do you love about your job?

I believe that finding the true balance between power and rest is the missing link making most people’s dreams come true. My classes aren’t about specific poses or postures but more about teaching people to trust themselves to open up a conversation with their bones to find their own rhythm and to move in a way that feels good.

My mission for everyone that comes to a class with me is to provide you with a strong foundation to slow down, live with more connection with yourself and the world around you to allow you to fully commit to the things you LOVE to do.

What is your favourite yoga pose?

My favourite yoga pose is Wild Thing or Camatkarasana in Sanskrit.

The word Camatkarasana can be translated as “the ecstatic unfolding of the enraptured heart.” Need I say more?!

What is your least favourite exercise?

Lifting anything too heavy!


Quote to live by…

Take exquisite care of yourself.

What is your favourite treat?

Silence and alone time. So rare to find softness, stillness and a moment to pause in this hectic world.

Amy’s class is available to book via our website or the Instinct App.

Pay as you go is available, with the option to buy packs of 5 or 10 to make a saving. Ask reception for more information.

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