Meet the Team: Kev Yates

By Krista Harris | 6 December 2022
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Get to know Kev, who takes us time travelling with his tunes in Ride every Tuesday and Thursday at 6PM…

I’m Kev, 48, married to Jen (she’s the Ying to my Yang, the coffee to my cake). The night I met her, I said to a friend that I’d just met my future wife. However, Jen did not feel the same, hence refusing to give me her phone number. I wore her down over a few months and eventually she realised she liked me when she was running (she does NOT enjoy running) around London supporting me in the marathon. We have 3 incredible children Reuben 11, Anya 9 and Samson 4. We’ve lived in Bunbury for 13 years.

I’m very much a family man with a love of sport……and Country music!

Sport wise I am a bit of an all-rounder but I have a love of cycling (as a kid I used to live on my BMX).
For more of an insight check out “fitness3:1:2” on Instagram.


Why did you become a personal trainer and spin instructor?

Well my day job is Maintenance Engineer currently at Bentley Motors, but the passion for exercise took me to do an online level 2 and 3 PT qualification and triathlon coaching courses. I’ve always enjoyed exercise and been drawn to it for the physical benefits. Run faster, lift more weight, increase my endurance and become more flexible. It’s only over the last 10 years that I’ve realised the mental benefits are my main driving force.

We had a new park installed in Bunbury, I was running around the track thinking to myself that this is a fantastic space that we are lucky to have, lets encourage others to get outside and enjoy it. BunFit was born 7 years ago. (I should have put more thought into the name BunFit, short for Bunbury Fitness, commonly mistaken for BumFit or UnFit (HA)! So the ethos for BunFit is to get up early, get outside, exercise, meet others, social, community and generally feel good about yourself. Personally if I exercise early in the day, I have a better mind set, I eat better, have more energy and I’m nicer to be around.

There is no better reward for me than helping people to feel good about themselves. We know exercise releases the feel good hormones dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and oxytocin. Let it Flow!

Back to the Spin Instructor bit – It was all thanks to the lovely Cath Chang (Fuel). Cath used to come to BunFit (outdoor circuit training classes in my local park, Saturday 8am till 9am it’s welcome to all and it’s free!) and when she knew Instinct were looking for Spin instructors, she mentioned me to Chris Norris. Job done!

What do you love about being a spin instructor at Instinct?

It’s all about the people! Both the staff and members are great to be around. There is a happy, friendly, motivating feel about the place. I am fascinated by what makes people tick and understanding what each person needs for them to reach their maximum potential.

What is your favourite exercise?

Trail running – usually around Bulkeley/Peckforton hills with my dog.

What is your least favourite exercise?

Road running – The impact does not agree with my calf and achilles.

What drives you?

I love competition, both with myself and others.

A quote to live by…

“Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop n look around once in a while, you could miss it” Ferris Bueller.

What is your favourite treat?

Cycling with friends in a hot country on car free roads.
And food wise…….
Biscuits and a brew ☺

Kev’s classes are available to book on the Instinct App or via our website.

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