Meet the Team: Chelsey Dos Santos

By Krista Harris | 20 October 2022
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Chelsey offers a unique physio-led Pilates class at Instinct, combining practices from both Physiotherapy and Pilates. So if you are looking to ease any aches and pains whilst still getting a serious muscle burning workout – this is the class for you to try! 

Get to know Chelsey…

My name is Chelsey and I am a physiotherapist by background currently working for the NHS. Originally born in South Africa I moved back to the UK with my parents when I was 16 years old. 

I completed my physiotherapy degree in Manchester. I moved back to Tarporley in 2020 and met my boyfriend Sam who I currently live with now. 

I have 2 brothers and a sister as well as a gorgeous nephew. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family as well as going out for food. 

Why did you decide to become a Pilates instructor?

I have always loved doing pilates or yoga classes especially during university as it helped me unwind. 

Whilst on placement in my 3rd year I learnt that I could combine pilates with the core principles/values in which physiotherapy is based on and become a physio-led pilates instructor. This allowed me to use my skill set in a different environment, allowing me to help others pursue their fitness goal at any level.  

What do you love about being a Pilates instructor at Instinct?

I enjoy being able to teach different people something that I love to take part in. When a new client comes in I enjoy seeing how they progress and master their technique. My favourite part is seeing clients more relaxed and uplifted after completing a session.

What is your favourite exercise?

In general my favourite type of exercise other than Pilates would be general strengthening based exercises. This has been highlighted within my job as a physiotherapist and the people I treat- being able to move our bodies daily is truly a gift. 

My favourite exercise within Pilates has to be ‘The Teaser’ – this is a challenging exercise however once achieved the sense of fulfilment makes it worth it. 

What is your least favourite exercise?

Running- however, I am currently trying to learn to love it!

What drives you?

Being able to achieve the fitness goals I set myself is something that really motivates me. Knowing that I will feel energised and brighter allows me to take on my daily tasks more efficiently and effectively.

A quote to live by…

‘Our thoughts and imaginations are the only real limits to our possibilities.’

What is your favourite treat?

I miss being able to go on a safari yearly, therefore when I go back to South Africa to visit my family, it’s always a treat. But…if we are talking about food it has to be olives or biltong (dried, cured meat from South Africa)!

Chelsey runs Physio-led Pilates in Flow at Instinct on Tuesdays at 5PM and 6PM. Available to book via the Instinct App, or contact reception.

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