Dr Adam: Skinpen Microneedling – what exactly is it?

By Krista Harris | 31 August 2022
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Dr Adam

Instinct’s in-house Aesthetics Doctor and GP, Dr Adam, explains the benefits of the viral microneedling Skinpen…

You may have heard of microneedling but haven’t really got a clue what it’s all about. Let me explain why I now offer the world’s only FDA approved needling device, and why it may of interest to you, especially if you are looking for non-injectable or less invasive treatments.

AS WE AGE there are many changes to our skin – loss of collagen, elasticity, sagging, change in texture, pigmentation and sun damage, scarring etc.  Quite simply, when we create trauma to the skin, this stimulates a massive healing response from cells such as fibroblasts which help to regenerate collagen and therefore healthier skin. This is what Skinpen® does. 

There are different ways to do this and some are more traumatic and painful than others.

However, I have chosen to partner with Skinpen® which is the most expensive, premium but in my opinion the world’s best micro-needling device.

What’s so special about Skinpen®?

Skinpen® has gone through rigorous trials and is now licensed for use for treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, scarring and several other indications in adults over the age of 22 years.

This means clinical trials have proven the safety and efficacy of these treatment for Skinpen®. This makes it stand out from the crowd.

As with all my products, I select very carefully based on clinical data, safety, the results and team behind the brands. This is no exception.

What is the procedure, and does it hurt?

Well firstly the face is numbed with cream, followed by cleansing. 

Then a gel is applied to allow the device to smoothly move over the skin – and here is the magic – several needles move incredibly fast up and down at a PRECISE depth decided by me based on knowledge of the depth of your dermis (skin) in different areas of the face of which I set on the device, and change as I move along different areas. 

What about side effects/aftercare?

Mild pain and moderate redness are to be expected. This redness lasts around 24 hours, sometimes less. 

Care must be taken to avoid sun, exercise, getting hot, and avoiding putting ANYTHING but the provided skin product for 24 hours after.

OK, so what should I expect and how many sessions will I need?

This answer will depend on your current skin state, your goals, any scarring or pigmentation etc.

As an example a minimum of 3 sessions, spaced 4 weeks apart are needed for general treatment of fine lines and wrinkles. For acne scarring 6 sessions are recommended.

Collagen improvements will continue up to 9 months after just one treatment, so this isn’t a sudden change in the skin, but rather a slower, more subtle journey of improvement, which will suit some people perfectly.

Get to know Dr Adam, our Aesthetics Doctor in his Meet The Team blog post, here.

If you have any queries about this treatment, or are interested in a consultation for any other treatments offered by Dr Adam, please email info@skinphinity.com or head to the website www.skinphinity.com

Dr Adam is a fully registered, insured and regulated GMC doctor. GMC Number 7079895.

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