What are semi-private personal training sessions at Instinct?

By Krista Harris | 21 July 2022
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By Jonny Lea

Is your goal to tone and feel fitter, stronger and leaner? At Instinct we wholeheartedly believe you can be in the best shape of your life at any age.

Our semi-private personal training (SPPT) is the reason we have so much confidence in that. Our coaches use their expertise to structure and tailor training to you and your goals, to help you unlock your true potential…

SPPT sessions allow you to receive a level of 1-2-1 coaching, whilst training with up to three other like-minded individuals.

These SPPT sessions are about moving you towards your goals and supporting your body for the stresses and strains of everyday life. If you think that sitting down at a desk working for 40 hours a week for example, doesn’t take its toll on your neck, shoulders and back, you would be sorely mistaken.

Our coaches and structured programming helps you to feel stronger and less tired and sluggish, so that you can run around the garden with your children or grandchildren and rearrange the furniture without the worry of pulling a hamstring or putting your back out.

How do semi-privates work?

We conduct our programming over 12 weeks. Our coaches tailor sessions to a wide variety of training experiences.

If we have clients with injuries, we adapt the program to not only help rehabilitate the injury but still take a step in the right direction to achievable goals. 

Every single person is unique – in terms of strength, weaknesses, experience in training, injuries and goals. SPPT sessions allow us to take these areas into account and work with them and you to feel fitter and leaner over a 12 week window.

It all starts with testing.

“If you’re not assessing; you’re guessing”. 

Essentially, testing allows us to know exactly where you are currently at, which in turn, means we can tailor sessions more specifically to you and your current ability.

To test, we use a set of exercises and find the heaviest possible weight in which 5 reps can be achieved, creating your ‘5 Rep Max’.

From that information, we start with a 4 week ‘high volume’ phase where we look to utilise rep schemes of 10-12 or 12-15 to build a solid foundational base of correct form and movement patterning whilst getting stronger for longer.

Through weeks 4-8, we will look to drop the volume and increase the intensity of our training. We are still very much looking to continue cultivating your work capacity and movement fidelity through this phase.

Weeks 8-12 is where the magic happens! Now your structure can tolerate more load – meaning we’ve increased the % of your ‘5 Rep Max’ you achieved in your testing week.

The rep ranges we work through in this final phase are between 6-8 to drive and stimulate your Central Nervous System (CNS) for strength gain by adding more load and challenging the CNS further before your next testing week.

Sounds complicated, but in a nutshell, it means you get what you want from your training – whether that be strength and performance or toning up and getting fitter and leaner.

Our program gets your body moving in the way it was designed to…






Core work 

Cardiovascular Conditioning 

We don’t randomly assign exercises to do…

We choose them based on your goals, your preferences and your current training ability.

On top of that, we look to utilise the concept of ‘supersets’, which is where you perform two exercises of opposing movements back to back. 

This allows you to keep working whilst keeping the recovery periods the same and avoiding any localised fatigue.

Our sessions have a great sense of comradery with our clients alongside the more serious stuff. Some of the time you will no doubt be grilling Sam, Rich, Chris and Jonny for their lack of rep counting ability!

We treat all of our clients with attention to detail to get them feeling strong, more energised and prepared for the sport of life.

Our coaches care about the progress of our clients and endeavour to offer the most incredible service they can, whilst creating a safe and fun environment to train in, making it the best programme in the area.

If you would like to try a semi-private or 1-2-1 personal training session, get in touch via info@instinct78.co.uk or call 01829 458010.

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