INSTINCT/6 Get Lean Challenge has come to an end, here’s how it went…

By Krista Harris | 9 June 2022
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Our second INSTINCT/6 Get Lean challenge ended with a bang at our Instinct Party last week, where we proudly announced our winners and celebrated getting through the 6 weeks with pizza and Prosecco!

Around 80 people took part in our “6 weeks to a leaner you” challenge and the Instinct team are delighted with how well everybody has done.

Everybody who has taken part in the challenge is a winner; whether they have lost weight, fit in their clothes better, feel more motivated to be healthy, exercise, make better choices or feel leaner. Every outcome is a huge achievement!

During our Instinct Party celebrations, we proudly announced our Instinct/6 winners, Pete George, who lost the highest body fat %, Emily Faint who lost the most weight % overall and Anji Adams who saw the biggest waist circumference % decrease during the 6 weeks. A huge well done to the winners and a huge well done to everyone who stuck with the 6 weeks!

Each member was allocated a team with a personal trainer and staff member, which created some healthy competition in the gym! So it was only fair that, as well as individual winners, we have a winning team. It was incredibly close, but Team Samita saw the largest drop in body fat % overall. Well done team Samita!

Over the 6 weeks we helped members to create new, healthy habits by sticking to the 5 pillars of success: Nutrition, Water, Exercise, Sleep and 10,000 steps per day. We also hosted fun team hikes and team workouts to keep motivation high and get those results!

Our first hike was 11.8km around Beeston, which equated to 15.5k steps!

Our second Instinct/6 hike was up Llantysilio Mountain!

We have really enjoyed our second Instinct/6 challenge and we are delighted that our members have too. We host Instinct/6 challenges twice a year, stay motivated and keep up to date with the announcements of the next INSTINCT/6 challenge by following us on social media.

Click here for Instagram, click here for Facebook, and if you are a member and would like to join our Inner Circle Facebook group, request to join by clicking here.

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