A high-energy disco with added endorphins, fat-burn and fitness results… sounds good, right?

By Krista Harris | 20 October 2021
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Escape reality for 45 minutes, enjoying the combination of the best music imaginable with the highest levels of endorphins possible.

Be completely immersed in a workout that will push you to your limits in our state-of-the-art studio. With the latest spin technology, cinematic screen and bespoke light and sound equipment.

Copyright Martin Hobby Photography.

Our legendary instructors will guide you through your workout and help you to unlock your full potential. Improving your fitness on, and off, the bike.

Stages spin bike technology allows you to track your performance and chart your progress and the results will be emailed to you after every class. Concentrate on your statistics or lose yourself in the music – either way you’ll get an immersive, challenging workout which will leave you buzzing and wanting more…

Feel the beat, feel the burn and don’t let the common myths and misconceptions around Spin classes put you off…

MYTH: Spinning is only good for your legs

Wrong! Spinning is a cardio-vascular workout which means it increases your heart rate, burns calories and provides you with a tone of endorphins.

Many people also think Spinning will make your thighs bulky, but this is not true. Spin classes will burn fat from all areas of your body, proving a full body workout. To gain bulky thighs you would need to do a lot of heavy weight-training coupled with a very high protein diet.

Copyright Martin Hobby Photography.

MYTH: You’re competing against the rest of the class

Absolutely not, your biggest competition in the Ride room is yourself! Everybody else is focussed on their own workout.

The only person you need to beat – is you.

MYTH: Spin classes are just for advanced athletes

Spin classes are not elitist, they’re for everyone! Whether you’re training for Tour de France or its your first time on the bike, our instructors are there to support you.

Our Stages technology means that you can set your Spin bike at a resistance level you are comfortable with.

You can book onto a RIDE class no matter your fitness level or experience because our Stages technology will ensure you are working at your own maximum, which is personal to you.

Push your muscles to the max and free your mind to unlock your inner cyclist in an energetic and fun environment to make you feel alive!

Let’s get you ready for your first Ride class…

Click here to register on Stages. This will allow you to link to your bike in the studio and track your progress after each ride. 

To book your Spin class and accelerate your fitness, email info@instinct78.co.uk, or call 01829 458010.

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