Liz Poole

By actuate | 21 December 2020
< 1 Minute Read

I needed to motivate myself and I wanted to “want” to come to the gym. I was facing the challenge of starting to put on weight as I entered my middle twenties which was something I had never experienced. Along with this I was trying to balance a work life. Since joining Instinct Wellness I am fitter, healthier and much more positive about attending the gym.

The best things about Instinct Wellness are the people, positivity, trainers with strong expertise and the great community as everybody developing their love for the gym together.

If you’re thinking about joining…DO IT! It will make you love the gym, feel part of a community and with the amazing trainers give you simple and easy strategies to keep you on track and change your lifestyle. Instinct Wellness is not only a gym but a great community with such a positive, inspiring atmosphere.

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