Debi Lees

By actuate | 21 December 2020
< 1 Minute Read

It’s hard to choose the best thing about coming to Instinct Wellness as there are so many, like the encouragement received not only from the trainers but also other members in the sessions. A big positive is their ability to tailor exercise if you have an injury or a particular area you wish to focus on.

There are measurable improvements such as 10kg weight loss but the numbers show that this is mainly fat loss which is fantastic – I wear my ‘Biggest Loser’ T shirt with pride! Best of all is that my body shape has changed, I no longer look ‘bulky’, I have muscle definition and feel strong and as a consequence my self-confidence has increased.

I would highly recommend Instinct Wellness. Don’t hesitate, don’t put it off, don’t wait for ‘another time.’ Don’t worry about what you look like or who will be in the class as it’s small and informal and we’re all trying to achieve the same thing. Put yourself and your health first, the team will help you achieve the ‘best you’. I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to all of the Team for making such a difference to how I look and feel.

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