Meet the Team: Kate, Flow Instructor

By Krista Harris | 3 October 2023
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Get to know Kate Mason, the newest addition to our team! Kate will be taking Pilates Intermediate classes on Wednesday evenings at 6.30PM.

I am a 50 something Mum of two grown up boys (who are away at University) and a golden retriever named Ruby. I am married to Mike (who loves a Kev spin class) and we live in Bunbury. I have been a member of Instinct for about a year and love its friendly, open and encouraging atmosphere. I work three days a week for RSK Group doing quality management and information security and I teach Pilates on the other two days.

I have always loved Pilates and after 20 years of being a student, I decided the time was right to train to become a teacher. I am trained in Classical Mat Pilates which follows the original exercises of Joseph Pilates and I am currently doing further training with Body Control Pilates, which will allow me to broaden my knowledge of the Pilates mat work and to do additional training such as Pilates for pre and post natal women, back care or bone health.

I love seeing the progression of my students and watching them fall in love with Pilates as I did all those years ago. There is nothing better than watching the progress and determination to master a particular exercise and the smile that follows when it has been mastered.

What is your favourite exercise?

I love a Teaser! The Teaser is the ultimate Pilates exercise and to reach it with poise and control takes a strong core and dedication. Don’t forget to smile when you get there!

What is your least favourite exercise?

I don’t really have a least favourite Pilates exercise, but if I had to choose, I would probably say the Swan Dive. A lot of my students groan when I say we are doing Thigh Stretch, it is a real Marmite exercise! I am not as keen on back extension exercises!

What motivates you?

Health and happiness and quality time with family and friends. And of course teaching Pilates!

Quote to live by…

Change happens through movement and movement heals.’

If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old; if it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.’

– Both Joseph Pilates

What is your favourite treat?

A Cornish coastal walk with my boys and Ruby, followed by a crab sandwich and glass of Prosecco at the beach cafe.

How to book:

Book into Kates Pilates class via our booking app or click here to book via our website. Pay-as-you-go and membership options available, get in touch to get started.

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