Why full-body workouts are the ULTIMATE way to train…

By Krista Harris | 29 July 2022
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By Jonny Lea

Full-body workouts do precisely what they say on the tin. They train all the major muscle groups in the body in one session.

There are several reasons why we use them in our SPPT (semi-private personal training) sessions.

Firstly, including all the major muscle groups in one session ensures you’re giving your body the best workout possible. In our full-body workouts, we train movements not muscles – this has a greater transfer and specificity to everyday life and you get more bang for your buck in training. 

Secondly, utilising total body workouts means less sessions and therefore time at the gym.

Many people lead busy lives – our members included – and therefore cannot commit to working out every day of the week. A realistic target might be to get to the gym 3 days a week and therefore it’s going to be most beneficial to train the whole body in every single session, instead of separating them out.

Lastly and importantly, this approach allows us to structure sessions so you can perform multiple movements back to back with limited rest periods. Each exercise trains a different muscle group, so we can limit localised fatigue. In other words you’re not putting too much stress on one particular group. As a result of this, it allows you to still keep your work capacity high whilst training to get maximum benefit.

The frequency to which you train your muscles is linked to building muscle, getting toned and building strength. Whole-body sessions allow you to train each muscle group multiple times with adequate time to recover from each session. This will enable you to strike the right balance between progressing towards your goals and not overtraining.

Why not try one out next time you are in the gym with us! If you would like to try a semi-private personal training session, just ask at reception.

So here’s an example of a full-body session you can use when you come into the open gym…

A1. Goblet squat

A2. Single Arm Row.    3 x 10-12

A3. Russian Twist


B1. Dumbell RDL

B2. DB shoulder press    3 x 10-12

B3. Deadbugs


C1. Rower 1 min on sets 3

C2. Mountain climbers 3×10-12

C3. Squat to Press 3 x10-12

Give this one a try and if you have any questions regarding your training be sure to ask one of the trainers next time you are in.

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