New BUPA Health Centre now open in Tarporley…

By Krista Harris | 13 June 2022
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Enigma Wellness, Instinct’s parent company, has partnered with Bupa to open a healthcare centre at Portal Business Park on the outskirts of Tarporley.

This is the first joint centre between BUPA and Enigma Wellness and will provide a number of enhanced health and wellbeing services, including health assessments, private GP appointments, physiotherapy, muscle, bone and joint services and menopause support.

Peter George, President of Enigma Wellness comments, “The opening of Instinct Gym & Wellbeing at 78 High Street Tarporley last year – and the new Bupa Health Centre – is part of a long-term plan to make health and wellbeing facilities, diagnostics and private medical treatment more readily available in the North West. The quicker people can get a diagnosis for some conditions, the quicker you can start treatment and get on the road to recovery.

Peter George, President of Enigma Wellness (left) and Ian Southerland, Operations Director for Bupa Health Services (right).

“Equally prevention is key, encouraging people to look after their health through lifestyle changes, they are less likely to become ill and require treatment. The Bupa centre will ensure local people have swift and easy access to a wide range of services, consultants and specialists. It is a holistic approach to health that we hope to replicate across facilities in the UK.”

Arun Thiyagarajan, Director at Bupa Health Clinics comments, “We’re delighted to be partnering with Enigma Wellness to open the new Bupa Health Centre in Tarporley. The centre will give people in Cheshire access to our services and we look forward to welcoming customers.”

What is a Health Assessment?

A health assessment is a preventative health check that uses medical and non-invasive tests to give a current health and wellbeing overview.

Bupa trained health advisers carry out all assessments and can discuss any specific health concerns you may have. If needed, the team can also arrange NHS follow-up appointments or private GP referrals for further treatment or diagnostic tests, too.

As part of your assessment, you’ll benefit from 12 months of health and wellbeing support from an expert to help you achieve your long-term health and fitness goals. Anyone is welcome to book a health assessment – you don’t have to be an existing Bupa member.

Health Assessment with Bupa trained health assessor, Seb Apter.

Be.Motivated Health Assessment

Like to stay healthy and look good?

This one hour health check includes 11 core tests and will give you a clearer picture of your health and mental wellbeing, plus lifestyle coaching and behaviour change support for a whole year. So you could kick the habits you hate and pick up some positive new ones. The changes you make now could have a real impact on your future self.

Be.Reassured Health Assessment

Something on your mind?

Whether it’s a health concern that runs in the family or you need extra confidence to make lifestyle changes, we’re here for you. This 2 hour assessment includes 14 core tests and allows you to discuss any health risks and medical concerns with a doctor. You’ll also receive coaching calls from experts and have use of the Bupa app to make behaviour changes throughout the year. There’s online mental health support for 12 months too.

Be.Ahead Health Assessment

Want to push yourself further? 

Take your fitness to the next level safely with the most comprehensive 2.5 hour health and wellbeing plan. As well as 14 core tests, you’ll have an advanced fitness test, time with a doctor and the support of a health adviser. Choose your own health module and get support with meeting your goals thanks to follow-up coaching calls and the Bupa behaviour change app.

To book your Health Assessment please contact 0333 920 4150.

For general enquiries please email

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