Meet The Trainer: Emma Wilson

By Krista Harris | 26 May 2022
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Get to know Instinct Purestretch and Spin instructor, Emma Wilson…

I’m a born and bred Cheshire chick, now living in Oakmere with my 16 year old daughter Poppy and the love of my life, soul mate and genuine best friend Stuart (don’t tell him I said that though!). I have 2 step children, 21 year old girl and boy twins who live in the West Midlands and Stuart and I recently became Grandparents to Albie (a bit of a lockdown shock!).

I went to school in Altrincham, grew up in Arley, played hockey at County, National and North England level until age 24 when job commitments and an injury then stopped play! I fell into the IT industry in the early 90’s where I stayed until 2005 when Poppy was born.

👧– I’m a girls girl.

👠 👜 – I love shoes, handbags, jewellery, shopping, stationary, laughing, singing, a cheesy dance routine..

🏖 – a hot beach, sunshine and doing nothing!

– I don’t like being in water.

🥵 – I sweat and don’t glow!

💪 – I’m an action taker!

🍾🍷🍫 – I’m a huge fan of food and drink

🥰 – I’m a lover not a fighter!

💇‍♀️Yes I also had a perm once! Didn’t most people?!

 Why did you decide to become a PT?

After a decade in the IT industry, by age 31 (2004) I was physically and mentally at rock bottom. My back problem that I developed mid 20’s just got progressively worse, but that was coupled with huge weight gain, pain and also being emotionally in a bad place. This was job and marriage related.

After my daughter Poppy was born in 2005, I knew I wanted to get out of this body I was trapped in. Emma was in there and she needed to be out, so she could be the Mum she wanted to be.

I took action!

I had always had a passion for how the body and mind works and now I had the chance to study and put that passion into practice. I took responsibility for re-habilitating that injury from 1999. I wasn’t going to be a victim or feel sorry for myself any longer. I hated being overweight and was utterly miserable on many levels.

Whilst I was searching for someone to help me, I quickly realised there wasn’t anyone who could truly relate to me. I’d had a 5 year blip that had left me feeling ashamed, embarrassed, lacking in self esteem and not able to do that much! There wasn’t anywhere I felt I could go, fit in, but also train safely and at the level I was at.

 So I decided that I was perfect for that job! I wanted to be able to help others like me that had either been injured, taken a break from exercise, never exercised, but also give people belief and hope that things can change and we can ALWAYS do something with our bodies on some level, but it has to start with mindset.

In 2007, I started my own business, Emma Wilson Fitness. I was 5 stone lighter, pain free and much happier and knowing that I was doing what I was meant to be doing. My stars had aligned, my job felt fulfilling and it gave me joy.

I created My Time for Change™️ in 2014, my Nutrition, Wellbeing & Fitness programme designed for women after 40! I wanted to ensure that women have the best experience during peri menopause, menopause and beyond. It can be a testing time physically and mentally and we can make such a difference when we have the right guidance.

Since qualifying, I haven’t worked in a gym but when Instinct arrived in Tarporley, there was something special about it. It felt different to any gym I’d come across and I felt we had a lot in common.

When I heard that Instinct were offering Spin on their timetable, I got excited! I love spinning but the Stages Flight Spin bikes have the edge. They can do so much for your power, speed, stamina, strength, performance and your fitness. There’s a real mental and physical challenge to it (if you want there to be!).

I am a team player and I felt that being part of the Instinct family was something new and fresh and just what I needed and wanted to continue to grow as a coach. I love it!

Recently I have started offering Purestretch to Instinct clients. Purestretch enhances muscle functionality, joint health, core strength and range of movement, reducing your risk of injury so you can continue to do the things in the life you love!

What do you Iove about your job?

I love empowering people to feel their very best and thrive on their journey of change. Whatever that change may be: emotional, physical or mental. I love that I get to make a difference.

 What is your favourite exercise?

I love an upper body exercise because you can visibly see the most change and it affects how I feel when I wear clothes – they’re on show the most!

What is your least favourite exercise?

I’m not a fan of planking because I think they are something to easily cheat yourself out of and I like to feel the burn!

What motivates you?

Living a long, healthy and happy life, injury and illness free!

Quote to live by…

Investing in your physical pension today, so you can ‘Grow Old as Young as Possible’ – that’s my motto!

Mentally Stronger, physically stronger and healthier each decade. We are all a work in progress, there is no end to health and fitness and wellbeing.

What is your favourite treat?

I love being bossed about by a PT, so I don’t have to think for myself!

I love being on a beach, enjoying food and drinks and spending time with Stuart as we’re both so busy! Getting dressed up and heading to a superb place to eat, with a stunning view with those I love.

Oh and NOT emptying the dishwasher  – what a TREAT!

If you would like to try out one of Emma’s classes here at Instinct, Purestretch is on every Monday evening at 6PM and Emma takes spin every other Saturday at 9AM. Ask at reception for more details.

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