Meet the team: Claire Lincoln

By Krista Harris | 1 April 2022
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Claire Lincoln takes our Pilates, Yoga Fit and Spin sessions here at Instinct, get to know Claire and come along to one of her next classes…

My name is Claire Lincoln having recently got married at Peckforton Castle (previously Claire Darlington). I have a little Frenchie who is our little super star and life these days pretty much revolves around her.

I have been in the fitness industry for 25 years and here is a little bit about my fitness career journey…

I started out as a freelance fitness instructor, teaching classes part time alongside a casual waitressing job. I loved it so much, I left my waitressing job and trained to become a PT, then qualified in other areas such as weight management and nutrition, children’s health related exercise, pre and post natal and Pilates.

Wanting to know more, I enrolled on a BSc Sport and Exercise Science ay Glyndwr University, where I was able to study full time and teach classes in Chester to finance the course. My passion at this time was working with adults and children with weight management issues and helping them to adopt healthier lifestyles through exercise and nutrition, so I enrolled at Chester University to study an MSc in Weight Management.

It was at this time I developed the STRIDE programme which successfully received funding to roll out across 9 secondary schools across Chester and Cheshire West for 4 years. This programme was aimed at teenagers who were disengaged or demotivated with regular P.E classes and offered them an alternative to their current PE sessions.

Unfortunately, I became pretty poorly with endocarditis which led to other complications, a few major operations and a few years out of the industry. Over the last 5 years, I have returned back to the fitness world, teaching outdoor Bootcamps, Boxercise, Body Pump and Aqua Aerobics.  It’s been amazing to return and I absolutely love teaching Spin, Pilates and Fitness Yoga at Instinct.

Why did you decide to become a Personal Trainer?

I decided to become a PT because I used to spend all my time in the gym and one of the trainers said, “you should train up as an instructor because you’re always here”. So that’s what I did and I’ve never looked back. Its my passion to help people exercise, to motivate and to help support them through any physical or psychological issues they may be experiencing and to help them feel strong and healthy.

What do you love about your job?

I love the interaction with clients, the forming of relationships, friendships and having the ability to help my clients to feel stronger, physically, mentally and to improve their confidence and self esteem, to help them cope with whatever life throws at them.

What is your favourite exercise?

My favourite exercise changes on a weekly basis. I am partial to a plank and all variations of a plank though.

I like the variety that can be added to plank to work the whole body. It also makes me smile in class as soon as those words are mentioned everyone moans.

What is your least favourite exercise?

Burpee is my least favourite, although my clients would not think so as it crops up often in class.

What motivates you?

The feeling of strength, and good health motivates me through life. Without our health we are nothing.

What is your quote to live by?

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver”

What is your favourite treat?

A real treat is to walk on the beach in the sunshine for hours followed by a lovely roast dinner. Perfect!

If you would like to book onto one of Claire’s sessions, ask at reception or check the app for Yoga Fit, Pilates and Spin with Claire.

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