Kickstart Your Year: How to get back on track with your fitness in the new year

By Krista Harris | 6 January 2022
4 Minute Read

Beat the January blues by taking control of your year, plan your goals and get going on this new beginning…

It can be hard to get back on track after a month of indulgence and minimal movement, but we’ve got your back here at Instinct.

Follow these tips to have a successful new year and set your new goals – and actually stick to them!

1. Set realistic goals

It’s important to set realistic goals to reach, and then move onto the next goal, if your goals are unachievable, you are more likely to give up on them completely.

Create a benchmark of what you want to achieve, it might be running 5k, lifting heavier, working on your nutrition or getting more steps in. Whatever it is, write it down and break it up into smaller goals to create a plan.

For example, if your goal is to run 10k, start with a goal for January of running 5k, 7.5k the next month and then 10k rather than throwing yourself straight into the deep end.

2. Monitor your progress

Goals have to be measurable, otherwise we will never know if we have reached them. Keep a note of your goals and monitor your progress.

If your goal is weight-related, try not to focus on the scales alone, look at how clothes fit and how you feel.

Here at Instinct, we offer an InBody scan, which measures your body fat percentage, muscle mass and internal fat, giving you more of an idea of overall health and fitness. If you would like an InBody scan, email

3. Plan your workout schedule

Plan your workouts like appointments and invite yourself to them, that way you have made a commitment and you have to show up.

If you are looking for accountability and support, take a look at our Kickstart programme.

4. Find an exercise routine you enjoy

New year, new you! It’s the perfect time to ry new things, new ways of getting your heart pumping and feeling those endorphins!

Keep it fun and interesting, doing new things will shock your body, so that it doesn’t get used to a routine and stop making progress.

We have many options here at Instinct, from Open Gym to a range of classes and personal training sessions.

5. Don’t do it all at once

Christmas pudding, Christmas drinks and Christmas food might all be weighing you down right now, but don’t be too hard on yourself, take your time with going back to healthy eating.

Cutting your calories too low, or cut out a whole food group all at once, is likely to result in binge-eating. Your body will not thank you. Take it slow, make healthy choices and slowly change your calorie intake.

If anything, upping your protein intake is important as it helps the body to feel fuller for longer, as well as aiding muscle growth and weight loss. If you need healthy meals on the go, check out Fuel Coffeehouse + Kitchen.

6. Be kind to yourself

Rest is key. It doesn’t matter how well you ate or how good your workout was today, if you don’t give your body time to rest and recover. The body needs chance to grow and repair with a night of good quality, uninterrupted sleep.

Increased training = Increased need for quality sleep.

7. Just MOVE

To stay fit and healthy, the NHS recommend you get at least 20 to 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day.

This doesn’t mean you have to complete an intense workout every day of the week, just keep your body moving.

Go for a walk or jog or stretch and enjoy some yoga, just MOVE your body.

If you’d like support, accountability and guaranteed results in 30 days, try our Kickstart Programme.

Click here to get started and Kickstart your year.

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