What is going to be your challenge in 2022?

By Krista Harris | 29 December 2021
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By Rich Read

It’s that time of year when our thoughts reflect upon the past year and what we will do differently this year, a time for new beginnings and new challenges.

Quite often we decide that we need a fresh challenge in the new year and start to look into Sportives, Marathons, Tough Mudders and so on. 

Then January comes around and we get caught up in the rest of our life and those challenges become a lesser priority or we decide that going into something on our own is just too much. 

What if there was a group challenge that you could take part in, one which your gym sessions and smaller challenges will prepare you for? 

One that stimulates both body and mind?  One that you could take part in with your friends from the gym (or elsewhere), keep your motivation strong and do your bit for worthy charities too…

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Instinct family, I give you The UK Challenge!

Instinct in the UK Challenge

Since 2018, Instinct has fielded a team in this annual test of brains and physical stamina and it is truly a wonderful event (I speak from experience here).  We have shown that, although we might be small, we really are mighty by doing really well against teams from much bigger organisations. Best of all we got to spend time with our friends pulling together and making a big contribution to life changing charities.

Is This for Me?

I understand that what I have outlined is a bit daunting, however let me assure you that the UK Challenge is suitable for anyone, regardless of age, gender or fitness.  There really is something for everyone in it.  Even if you ultimately decide it isn’t for you, why not give the mini challenges a go and get out of that comfort zone a little bit.  Being part of the bigger team will mean masses to the teams that do the challenge itself.

2022 UK Challenge

In 2022 the UK Challenge will take place on the Isle of Man from the 16th to the 19th of June.  Our teams (yes, we have been granted two spaces on 2022’s challenge) of six will be running, cycling, and kayaking over some of the most beautiful, yet challenging, terrain in the Isle of Man.  Over 3 days we will be taking on 7 stages, expertly designed to challenge our team cognitively and physically. Our strategy will decide which routes to take, which obstacles to face, and how best to utilise our team to ensure an efficient completion of each mission.

I know that we have within our Instinct family plenty of talent that could rise to this challenge.  But we will need to hone our skills before the event.  So with that in mind we will be running a number of challenges next year in the run up to the UK Challenge to practice and have some fun staying fit and staying sharp.  They will give us the chance to get out of the gym, meet new people and maybe learn a new skill or two.


Come and give it a go…

In preparation for The UK Challenge, we will be taking part in The Brain Race, held at Delamere Forest. This is a mini challenge, which will help to get your mind and body prepared for the UK Challenge. Even if you aren’t interested in the UK Challenge, but fancy a day challenge to step out of your comfort zone, come and join us!

About the UK Challenge

For over three decades, the UK Challenge has been providing companies with an unparalleled  team-building experience. Combining both mental and physical challenges, they offer an opportunity for all individuals to uncover their strengths and add value to their team.

“Hailed as the “World’s Leading Team Building Event”, the UK Challenge provides a platform through which individuals can develop skills and traits that are invaluable in the workplace. Each event is a unique opportunity for companies to invest in their employees, and contribute to life-long memories and sense of achievement”.

Statistically proven to improve participants’ performance back in the workplace, UK Challenge pride themselves on cultivating camaraderie far beyond the boardroom. Within the adventure-based event also lies a competition steeped in inter-corporate rivalry as teams compete for the highly coveted UK Challenge crown.

I’m Interested Rich, What Should I Do Now?

Fancy giving the mini challenges a go at The Brain Race or want to sign up right away for the challenge itself, or just want to know more?  Simply email me at rich@instinct78.co.uk and I’ll include you in further information and plans about what we are going to be completing in the meantime!

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