FUEL your body, FUEL your workouts

By Krista Harris | 22 October 2021
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How meal prep is helping Instinct’s clients reach their goals…

If you haven’t heard already, Fuel Coffeehouse + Kitchen has launched a new meal prep offer, on top of its usual daily menu. At Instinct we are constantly striving to create an environment which supports our client’s health and well-being and what we put in our bodies as fuel is fundamental to that.

Meal Prep can be flexible to suit you: 

3 meals a day, 7 days a week for those wanting to lose weight or to ensure they getting the right balance of macro nutrients.

Pick and mix arrangement for people who just want to eat healthily during the week, whilst juggling a busy lifestyle. 

“The nutrition has really made a difference for me, I feel better in myself and I feel I can get more out of my training!” – Anne, meal prep customer.

Several of Fuel’s clients order a few evening meals along with some grab and go breakfasts and lunches to take to work for example. Helps ensure you always have something healthy and filling in the fridge for those busy moments which can lead to eating the wrong foods!

We’ve all done it…quick toast and crisps to fill a void because preparing something healthier takes a little more time or planning.

Cath Chang, founder of Fuel Coffeehouse & Kitchen, said: “We opened Fuel to provide Instinct’s clients and the general Tarporley community with healthy and delicious food, shakes and smoothies, to support their goals.

“Exercise and nutrition goes hand in hand and it was important for us as a team, to not only advise clients on eating healthily, but help them to put this into practice.”

“Wow! Such a huge and tasty dinner and so few calories!” – Sarah, meal prep customer.

Cath Chang continued: “I am delighted that we have now branched out into a full food prep business, providing up to three healthy meals per day.

“By partnering with Brockley Lifestyle based in Wrexham and working with nutritionist Saskia Knight, we have expanded our menu and meals are now accessible from the Instinct reception fridge even when Fuel is closed.”

Meals need to be pre-ordered in advance – breakfasts start at £3.95 and evening meals are £6.95. Or you can pop in and pick something up from Fuel between 8am and 2pm Monday to Friday.

“Wow! Such a huge and tasty dinner and so few calories!” – Sarah, meal prep customer.

Cath said: “Jess Wills, the founder of Brockley Lifestyle has the same approach to healthy eating as I do – she loves to experiment with flavour and keep meals interesting, but understands the importance of balancing your plate to fuel your body’s needs.

“Our meal prep clients are trying new foods and learning how to portion control whilst staying fuller for longer.”

Exercise and moving your body is important, but in terms of weight-loss goals, 80% of results are based off nutrition and what you consume on a daily basis.

Meal prep is perfect for a busy schedule and allows you to still consume fresh, healthy meals to reach your fitness goals. Even if you are a master chef, life gets in the way of eating healthily!

The managed portion sizes and macro and micro-nutrient friendly content creates the ideal split for staying full whilst aiding weight-loss and muscle building. 

For a copy of the current menu or more information, please contact Cath at fuel@instinct78.co.uk.

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