5 Reasons why you need Instinct in your life.

By Emma Hunter | 7 April 2021
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Getting fit is a big deal, losing weight even bigger. Every year we are bedazzled with the latest fitness fad promising massive rewards – some stay around, while others disappear faster than you can say ‘changing room’. From Zumba to Hot Yoga, Hydro classes or even virtual boxing, the options really are limitless when it comes to getting fit. But within all this hot, hydro, healthy virtual reality – there is always one constant – the gym. So much so in fact that this booming industry has over 9 million of us signed up to attend on a regular (or not so regular for some) basis. It is the place we turn to when the fad classes are over and the weight is gained. It is our refuge. The one place where we know we should go, although sometimes it can be ever-so-hard to get there, motivationally speaking.

However hard it can be to get to a gym, we all know that it pays dividends around the waistline, let alone what it does for our health, mood and stress levels. The trouble is that us humans are hard wired to prefer couch lounging over calorie burning. It’s the good old ‘Hunter-Gatherer’ inside us. We want to conserve energy for when we need it, not expunge it like a marathon runner.

So, it seems, our biggest weight loss and fitness challenge is… OURSELVES.

That’s where Instinct Gym & Wellbeing comes in. It’s the perfect cross between a gym and having your mum nagging you about doing your homework. Your very own Mr Motivator. You see, Instinct is a fully furbished fitness and wellness centre, with expert personal trainers on tap to ensure you get the success you need. And it is all completely tailored to you.

But why bother with Instinct, or any personal training studio for that matter?

1. A Judge Free Environment

I’m not saying that if you’re a Judge you’re not welcome. Magistrates, Judges and any members of our judicial system are of course free to join in… It’s simply that there are no “I told you so’s”, no patronising chats, or silent scoffing as you step anxiously onto the scales. There is no judging. Period.

If you are at all anxious about a gym environment, or personal training in general, then fear not. Instinct has clients who range from late teens to their mid 70s. They have people who are just starting out on their fitness journey, through to people who are recuperating from injuries, even elite athletes. If you think that in order to enter into the personal training studio you must be a chiselled size 8, then you are mistaken. Instinct is for anyone who wishes to achieve a body transformation, whether that be weight loss, toning, muscular health or body building.

2. A Long-term Solution, Not a Quick Fix

If you are looking to lose a stone in 10 days, then Instinct is probably not the place for you. It believes in providing a long-term answer to your own personal health requirements. Working with you they will let you know how much weight (if any) you need to lose and help you to achieve those results through focused exercise and dietary modifications. There’s no quick fix here. But what this approach does provide is an achievable long-term solution that feels less like a diet and more about a healthy lifestyle change. And you’ll feel all the better for it.

3. A Tailored Approach

From the moment you walk through the doors of your new personal training studio, to the moment you celebrate achieving your desired results, the team at Instinct are with you every step of the way, however long it takes. Your personal training programme is uniquely tailored to your own body, fitness levels and desired results. Each and every time you have a fitness session with one of the team, you will have a unique training programme that has been written specifically for you. What’s more, as the team get to know you, your likes and dislikes, they will understand how you can get the best results – and hopefully enjoy it too.

4. Someone’s got your back

If you choose to embark upon your own personal fitness journey with Instinct, then rest in the knowledge you’re not alone. You see, your success is their success, your challenges are their challenges. Every time you lose an inch of your waist or a kilo off the scales (yes Instinct talks metric – but thankfully they speak English too!) the team will be celebrating with you. But, and probably more importantly, if you are not seeing the results you need, if you are struggling, then they will go through everything with you in detail to understand how they can help you. It’s like having your own personal training angel, only they wear activewear rather than sparkles and wings.

5. Motivation, Motivation, Motivation

Finally, we end up where we started – back to our very own Mr Motivator or Davina. If all the other stuff isn’t enough to convince you to have a chat, then answer this one question… Have you ever put off going to the gym? If the answer is yes, then quite simply Instinct is the place for you. You see, when you sign up to Instinct, it isn’t just yourself who you are committing to. It is a team of highly trained experts who are there for you. If you wake up one morning and decide you can’t be bothered, then you are not just letting yourself down, you are letting them down too. It is a massive motivation to walk through the door and keep the booking – commitment.

But it doesn’t stop there. Once you are in training, your personal trainer will keep pushing you to a limit you never knew you were capable of, yet you find yourself achieving. They will achieve far more with you than a trip to the gym will ever do. Week after week you will find yourself achieving more, gaining strength and feeling all the better for it. It might even become just that little bit enjoyable.

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