We are excited to announce the launch of our first ever Instinct/6 Fat Loss Challenge; an intensive 6-week weight-loss programme commencing 4th October. Time to get in shape for Christmas!
The challenge is open to all, no matter what your personal health and fitness goals are. Even if you don’t feel you have much weight to lose, this programme can help you to become leaner and fitter, decrease internal body fat and focus your efforts for a healthy lifestyle.
With a starting price of starting from £45 for Instinct Gym & Wellbeing Members*, we really can help you with your efforts to live a healthier lifestyle this season.
*Non-member price is £195 for the 6-week programme, including nutrition and fitness coaching, plus 2 weeks nutritional transition at the end.

The Instinct/6 Package

A Focused 6-Week Fat Loss Challenge

Our Instinct/6 launch event is taking place on the 28th of September from 6pm til 7pm. This will provide you with our nutrition and training information to help you reach your personal goals over the 6 weeks of the programme. We will also be offering food tasting from Fuel Coffeehouse & Kitchen, and its meal prep partner, Brockley Lifestyle.

Goal Setting

A key part of the Instinct/6 is to understand your personal goals and how we can help you to achieve them. Together, we will guide you through your training goals and carry out your personal In-Body scan to get you started.
Then it’s ready, set, go from the 4th of October!

Nutrition Guidance

On signing up to the programme, you will receive your own comprehensive Nutritional Pack with a detailed menu plan (designed by our in-house nutritionist Saskia Knight and Fuel Coffeehouse & Kitchen). You will also have access to nutritional services throughout the challenge if you feel like you need additional support.

Fitness Training

We know that fitness plays a critical part of any fat loss regime, and our Instinct/6 Fat Loss Challenge is no different. As a current member, you will already be aware of what we have to offer. During the programme, our team of coaches will be able to guide you on your health and  fitness journey.

Pre-Prepared Meals

If you don’t want to prepare all of your meals from scratch, meal prep options are available each day of the challenge with your choice of 1 to 3 meals a day. Failure is not an option with these pre-prepared tasty, healthy and filling meals!

Support Network

We admit it, fat loss can be hard, but knowing that you are part of a group of people with a common goal can really help to support you during your fat loss journey. Join us on our Instinct/6 weekly socials, including lots of outdoor activities from weekly walks to archery and even paddleboarding.
Not only that, to assist you in integrating your 6-week challenge into an ongoing healthier lifestyle, we will also set you up with advice for the two weeks following the Instinct/6 programme to transition to a fitter, healthier you for the long-term.

To register your interest and to book a place at the launch event on the 28th September at 6pm, fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch!

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