Memory Clinic

Memory Clinic

Memory Clinic can help maximise brain health and detect dementia onset early, so that you can get the right advice for you.

As we age, memory performance often becomes less reliable- ‘Where did I put the keys?’ or forgetting birthdays or dental appointments becomes commonplace. Here at Memcheck we specialise in one-to one measuring, assessing and advising on individual cognitive function.

During consultation your overall neurological performance is assessed looking at memory, concentration, verbal fluency etc. to gain an individual picture of your personal abilities. We can then frame  personalised plans and strategies for you to implement to maximise specific brain performance and improve daily life. 

Following Stroke or accident, the brain can take considerable time to recover; having an assessment with Memcheck can provide you with a baseline measure to monitor progress back to health.

It may be that you are concerned about memory and worrying these may be early signs of dementia or Alzheimers Disease?

Perhaps someone you know has noticeable deterioration in memory which is directly affecting their lifestyle.

BUT, it is important to note that a slowing down of brain performance and minor lapses in memory does not always indicate a sign of dementia.

Dr Mary Fisher Morris worked extensively in both the private and public sectors specifically working with people with dementia and neurocognitive degenerative diseases for over twenty years. 

Her last NHS position was as Head of Research and Clinical Audit at the Countess of Chester.

She also worked for Care Quality Commission (CQC) as a Special Advisor (Mental Health) on hospital inspections across England.  

Other research interests and project work include Stroke and Neurocognitive Rehabilitation, Neuroplasticity and Dementia, Technology and App development.


To book a Memory Check appointment with Dr Mary Fisher Morris, please email: or call 01244 680214.

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